Moving Tips

Moving home can be a stressful experience. By choosing the experienced removalist you will relieve yourself of much of the associated stress.
At Spot On Removals we have a team of trained uniformed professionals who aim to make your moving day pass with ease. As well as being competent furniture movers, our staff are courteous, helpful and polite.

  • Access to and from the doorway of your homes is critical; please advise your neighbours in advance that a removal vehicle will be parked outside your home. Reserve a spot with your car or use wheelie bins to aid the truck. This is a major key that makes the time faster and cheaper for our customers.
  • Colour Coordination Stickers (10cent size round stickers, different colours) are an excellent way to arrange all of your boxes to be delivered into the correct rooms in the house. Example – green stickers for kitchen, pink for a child’s room, blue for living room. This can save writing fragile or kitchen or Jane’s room on 60-100 boxes and means they all go to the correct room.
  • If you like the colour coordination idea, a mini grid attached to the front door of the rooms in the house with the location of the room colours can help your movers with your boxes. Or in your new home put a matching sticker on the door to each room. Our movers will know where to put everything when they arrive at the destination. Planning can save you time and money!
  • Don’t load boxes too heavy, keep them manageable. Don’t cram. Cramming your items into one box can lead to many problems, not only does it make the box very heavy, it also leaves your items in danger of breaking or becoming damaged and no one wants broken plates on their hands.
  • Protect fragile/valuable items. We know this one probably goes without saying but it’s not uncommon for items to get broken in transit. So if you’re particularly fond of your china, don’t take the risk, wrap it to within an inch of its life. Bubble wrap is always a good investment for those wanting to keep their glassware intact but wrapping items in large bundles of packing paper or newspaper can often be just as effective. We suggest not to scrimp with the quantity of sheets used…after all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Seal your boxes properly. We’ve all seen the comedy sketch, someone picks up a box full of fragile items and the bottom falls out! So don’t let your box packing become a joke; make sure you seal the tops and bottoms of your boxes carefully and securely. It’s best to use official packing tape as this is the most secure, masking tape won’t be strong enough.
  • Leave a gap between the contents and the box lid. Unless you have just one box of belongings, your boxes are likely to be stacked one on top of the other therefore it is a good idea if you leave about 3cms between the lid of the box and your belongings. Cover this area with a protective layering of packing paper or newspaper; this is also a good place to add small, non breakable items or hard trays etc., just to add further protection to your more precious items and additionally to maximise the space.
  • Cookers/Washing Machines/Fridges & Freezers – These should be disconnected, drained and dried prior to removal. Fridges/freezers should be emptied.
  • Any clothing already on hangers may remain on them, as we can provide special wardrobe cartons into which, these clothes will be packed (optional). All you have to do is transfer your hanging clothes from your closet straight onto the sturdy bar inside the box, hanger and all. Fill up the bottoms of these boxes with your shoes, handbags and belts and be careful to keep the box to a manageable weight. Easy!
  • Unfortunately by law we are not allowed to move any flammable substances, bbq gas bottles, old tins of paint, creosote, paraffin or similar items as these invalidate any insurance cover.
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