Moving Interstate

We operate a fleet of specialist removal vehicles complete with transit blankets, trolleys with straps and cables. We also offer a full packing and unpacking or self packing services on competitive rates with the option to buy all the packaging needed, which can be delivered right in front of your door.

The longer the distance your goods travel, the better they need to be packed.

Where possible, we recommend your goods travel in a specialised furniture truck and are only handled once. For this reason, we specifically advise against the use of containerised removals and larger forwarding companies where they will handle your goods from one truck to another several times. Greater care is taken when there is more responsibility. The same men who load goods should unload their own packing work.

Interstate Removals – Larger Moves

If you are moving larger family homes or 3 or more bedrooms, you will probably have exclusive use of the truck for at least the one-way trip.

Interstate Backloads – Smaller Moves

Often smaller interstate moves are taken by a backloader. The term ‘backload’ originally meant non-priority load taken by an empty truck when available. Nowadays there are specialist backloading truck operators and booking agencies.

Backloading really just means: multiple jobs on the same truck, on the same return journey.

These interstate specialist removals trucks will have a standard cubic metre rate. Typically off-peak winter rate charges for from Sydney to Melbourne and Brisbane are $66 per cube wholesale and $88 per cube retail.

Details about our insurance.

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